Sprouts, blocks and bulbs

IMG_2329The bulbs are well on their way to becoming flowers. They are all tucked away into bulb crates and have begun to sprout! With nighttime temps in the teens, I’ve been getting up every three hours to keep the fire burning so that they won’t freeze!



IMG_2334Kale, collards, cabbage, kohlrabi, scallions! All of these beautiful little babies have popped up and have moved to soil blocks where they will transform into plants over the next several weeks.




5 thoughts on “Sprouts, blocks and bulbs

  1. You have been very busy!!!! Getting up every 3 hours!!!! those little bulbs better appreciate what you are doing for them.

    Jan and I leave on Thursday to go visit Deb and Doug, we are taking the train again and are excited to go.

    Love you guys miss you!!!!

    • Yes, I hope so too. I am now convinced of the merits of using propane or other less sustainable heating systems that don’t need me every 3 hours…or perhaps investing in a robot to feed the fire for us.

    • Hey Dillon! I’d check out Eliot Coleman’s: The New Organic Grower. Hes got a great primer on soil blocks. Other than that I’d say the key is to make sure you have the correct moisture content in the mix–water should dribble out as you squeeze it but still hold together. Also, I dunk my blocker in water in between stamping to help the blocks release better. Hope this helps! HAppy blocking!

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