Hints of Spring


Despite the chilled temperatures, the winter sun has been stunning. Everything has been so still and quiet. It is hard to imagine the buzz of activity that will erupt in just a couple of short months. I enjoy the peace of the early mornings…



Sun makes all of the difference on these frigid days. If the sun is out… the greenhouse will be close to 100 degrees inside. If the sun is out and the wind is somewhat calm, the chickens will even venture out for a stroll to find bugs under the snow.


IMG_2309 IMG_2305


Today was the first day I really felt like ‘spring’. I spent most of the day in either the hoop house or the greenhouse. We received 4,000 narcissa and tulip bulbs in the mail (yikes!) and prepped one of our hoops for planting. The compost in the field was frozen so I covered it with clear plastic so that I will hopefully be able to use it tomorrow to plant lettuces in the hoop.

I have so much fear/anxiety about the flower bulbs and just about the plans for this season in general. I dream really big all year and in the winter and then have to answer to those dreams come spring. I keep reminding myself that its all part of the job. I couldn’t have asked for a more rewarding use of my time, effort and love.

People often ask if we have kids. I always answer that the farm is my gigantic child..always needing attention and love. But thats all I can handle for now…


4 thoughts on “Hints of Spring

    • Hi Doug! Normally, yes but these bulbs have already been ‘chilled’ and once they get planted in bulb crates in the greenhouse they will think its spring time:) Its called ‘forcing’ to get bulbs to flower earlier. We’re shooting for having them ready to harvest by Easter!

  1. wow! I didn’t realize you could by pre chilled bulbs. how cool is that?

    cant wait to see all the blooms! Deb wants to see a picture of you with your wooden shoes on by the flowers!

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