Winter chill

Given that we’ve had such a warm winter so far, I should feel relieved that we finally have cold and snow. But I have to say that I’m excited for things to start growing again in the greenhouses…along with that fresh earth smell of our soil blocking mix and the tiny green seedlings.


Windchill temperatures have dropped below zero over the past few days. Even the chickens have refused to come out  for a couple of days preferring the protection of their coop.




We had a terrible windstorm the other night. 60 mph winds! I didn’t sleep at all for the entire night while I imagined the plastic ripping off the hoops or worse. There was nothing I could do at the time but worry incessantly.



Luckily the only damage we had was a felled tree that was almost completely rotted and a few scattered buckets. I hope we never have to experience winds any higher than that.

We were recently featured in an article on winter farming in Found Michigan! This is a really great magazine featuring stories from all around Michigan.


4 thoughts on “Winter chill

  1. Megan – I can imagine you were fearful from that wind. Thankfully, all was snug. I am heartened by your picture of the greens in the hoop house. Such a contrast to the cold, snowy landscape outside. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Meg, you are one tough little doll! Thanks for sharing all the trials & tribulations of life on the farm! You loose touch of the real challenges of nature & life when spending too much time indoors at the desk!

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