A walk in the woods



Andrew’s 30th Birthday Mystery trip was a success! We rented a yurt on Lake Superior in the Porcupine Mountains. Andrew had no idea…up until he was chopping wood and Beth and Phil (his brother and sister-in-law) pulled up in a car to surprise him! Beth is a master fire maker by the way…

We were lucky to have mild weather when we first arrived. The yurt was small but well insulated. We made a beautiful fire to keep us warm (thanks to Beth and they guys for chopping wood!)

Since we all are appreciative of quality food–we had prepared a delicious Thanksgiving meal ahead of time. Beth made her famous mashed potatoes with gravy and I made a pot pie and brought salad greens. We ate like queens/kings in our little yurt.

The day after our warm Thanksgiving day at the yurt, we woke up to blowing snow and a raging Lake Superior with monstrous waves. Even the park ranger who came to drop fire wood was impressed by the height and strength of the waves. I fought the urge to just stay inside and play cards. Somehow we got out and hiked around though.

The next day we planned to a hike and then head up to the Keweenaw Peninsula to drink some beer and explore. The hike took a bit longer than expected…due to snow and elevation. A ‘one hour hike’ as I quoted actually took four hours. It was magical being in woods that was completely quiet with fresh snow. Its easy to forget we still have these places in Michigan.

Andrew and I had considered moving to the UP to farm and had actually spent a few nights looking at land and driving around.Our commitment to SE Michigan was reinforced after this trip though. Its a pleasure to be close to Ann Arbor and other larger places with more people while still being in the country.In a way I think we have the best of both worlds.


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