Fall transitions

Frosted sunflower

Its the end of the season of intensity and running full speed. This season is bittersweet as we wrap up our regular markets and temporarily say goodbye to our regular customers, say goodbye to Evan (in a few short weeks) and pull and mulch most of the field beds.

Evan pulling the frost bitten beans

While  almost everyone I talk to about upcoming colder and darker days feel a sense of dread, I feel a wave of comfort ahead. Winter is a time for me to rejuvenate and re-connect with myself and loved ones as well as a time to analyze the season and plan for the next.

Small hoop planted with lettuce crops

While there will still work to be done in the hoops and markets to attend on the weekends, the work is more manageable for one person. I look forward to the quiet frosty mornings when everything is still frozen in the hoops only to watch the sun come up and thaw them before harvest.

We’ve still got three more weeks of our regular market season as we continue to make the transition in the field. I leave for Terra Madre, Salone de Gusto in Italy in less than two weeks! It will be very strange to be away from the farm for 10 days but it will be an invaluable experience that will enrich the farm in ways I do not yet realize.




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