Slow summer nights




Andrew’s parent’s came in from Minnesota to spend a few days with us this week. We had full days of farm work and school work (Andrew had orientation at UofM). Deb worked diligently

in the raspberry beds and Doug cut the law and moved a huge brush pile by the wheel barrow full!

It was a wonderful week full of catching up, great company and delicious food! We only wish they lived closer so we could see them more….

Cart full o’ flowers

Family farm supper

My parents were able to come out to join us for a lovely dinner at our new picnic table–custom built by Andrew!

Doug’s beautiful flower arrangement

It was so lovely to take time out of our busy lives to enjoy each other and some fresh farm food. We also celebrated my mom’s birthday with some delicious carrot cupcakes from farm carrots and eggs!

My handsome husband


Mom’s birthday carrot cupcakes…with a huge piece of carrot

Talking into the evening

We’re slowly learning to sit back and take in the view in the midst of the chaos. What a lovely chaos it is though…





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