Markets Galore!

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We’re deep into market season–doing three each week! Between myself, Evan and Melanie we are getting it all done without too much trouble. I’m so pleased that both Evan and Melanie enjoy are are good at markets. Harvesting for markets and selling are taking up about half of all of our time now. Its been busy trying to work in replanting crops, weeding and managing pests and diseases.

I’ve been working on collecting photos and info on our biggest ‘pests’ on the farm. Lately beyond our normal insect pest issues, we’ve been catching rabbits everyday in live traps. I’ve been driving them down the road and releasing them. I feel awful about moving them, but not sure what else we should do.


3 thoughts on “Markets Galore!

  1. I’m sure what you’re doing with the rabbits is the most humane although I remember some awfully good rabbit stew growing up as a child ….. just a thought, unless of course, you’re vegetarian 🙂

    • Funny you should mention that…Evan actually did catch a nice big one and grilled it up. He said it tasted like chicken:) But how many rabbits can one eat?! We’ll have to start selling them live at the market?

      • Live rabbits are sold at Eastern Market! We used to have some as pets growing up and had found 6 baby rabbits in our front lawn (after the grass was mowed off) – mama rabbit moved them the next day!!
        THANK YOU & YOUR TEAM for ALL your LABOR and hard work!
        It is a JOY to be so spoiled by your produce!! SAY YES TO FARM SHARES / CSA!!

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