Launching into June

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Wrapping up most of the spring ‘to-do’ list, we are now heading straight into summer. We’ve started to pull and re-plant lettuces, roots, spinach, trellis hot crops, weed the fields for a second time, and started our next round of transplants. I tend to think of the season in three sections–Spring/Summer/Fall–only two to go! Actually, now that we have the hoops there is a fourth section–Winter–albeit less intense.

We’ve been working on doing more community outreach and connecting with customers, neighbors and others that are interested in the farm. A group of girl scouts came out from Canton this past Saturday. Christine Lamming (one of the troup leaders) owns and runs Jam By Hand. We ran around the farm, made kale chips and did a scavenger hunt. Having young ones out was really touching–especially witnessing how excited they were over eating spinach, snap peas and  chickens!

Farm share members came out on Sunday for a farm potluck. Great food and company! Its always nice to get to sit down and chat with folks I see on a regular basis but really don’t get to talk to in depth at market. It really brings home the community aspect of this work and makes the work even more meaningful.





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