A group effort

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What a week! The field is beautiful and weeded, the hoop is covered and we’ve gotten more crops in the ground. Thanks to Evan, Melanie, Dylan, Brian and Kari we were able to get the farm looking beautiful. We’re in a good place. Harvesting is starting speed up with more markets (Plymouth on Saturday, Canton on Sunday) and wholesale accounts with Zingerman’s Roadhouse and a handful of other restaurants.

One refreshing thing about this time of year is the seemingly perfect weather. Its not too warm, not too hot, not (always) windy or raining. Working 10-12 hours in the field is so much more enjoyable when the clouds are fluffy and the sun is out. Its been really great this week working in a team in the fields sharing stories and talking about life. I realized this week how valuable this part of the work is. Working with a team of people who are passionate about food and are enjoying the work is really rewarding.

Andrew is the most amazing man on the planet. This time of year has been stressful for us both and he has still found time to help with projects around the farm, sometimes after working a really long work day. I only hope to return the favor to him in his new adventure in graduate school at UofM (!!!). None of this work could happen without a support network and caring friends and family. We are both so grateful.


2 thoughts on “A group effort

  1. I just love what you and your family and volunteers are accomplishing and your veggies all look so happy and healthy! I will continue to be a loyal customer and even though you are some way away from where I live, I would like to think I will be able to volunteer when you are in great need (just not on a regular basis as my schedule doesn’t allow). When that time arises, do feel free to contact me ahead of time and see if I am available 🙂

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