New growth on the farm

The field is greening up...

Its hard to imagine that May is already upon us! Markets start kicking in full time soon and crops will start growing in earnest soon with warmer evenings.

Evan started this week. Its been really wonderful having a second full time person on the farm. We actually get closer to getting what I want completed on a daily basis. Its like I’ve been planning work for 2 people all along and only finishing half of it.

Work in the hoop house on a lovely sunny day

Evan planing eggplant in the moveable hoop

We jumped right into a steady planting schedule this week. Evan got a good introduction to how we do bed prep and planting as marketing when we went to market on Saturday.

The second hoop house arrived Saturday morning! Andrew, Jeff McCabe from Nifty Hoops, LLC and some really awesome volunteers came out to help put it up. Evan and I joined in after market.

Andrew and Evan getting posts in!

Super volunteers Valarie and Jim workin on bow construction

Despite less than perfect weather and a series of challenges relating to transportation–the hoop assembly went very smoothly. Nifty Hoops really has a system that works well with many people to make light work.

Jeff McCabe of Nifty Hoops securing the top purlin

Last endwall going up!

The volunteer crew!

This morning when I woke up there is still a hoop house out there! Almost complete at that! After a few braces, channel locks, doors, plastic and roll up sides we’ll be done. Hopefully by the end of this week so we’ll be ready for tomatoes to go in.


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