Spring’s little treasures

The little ladies are getting cozy in their new space!

I’ve never really pictured us having livestock of any kind. Mostly this is because I’ve never had livestock and I like the idea of being able to leave the farm for a night or two if we need to without too much concern. I’ve felt compelled to get chickens though because they are the easiest livestock and help to complete the farm in a way. Somehow having a farm without animals just doesn’t feel right…

I love sitting down next to their brooding pen at the end of the day and  just watching them for a little bit. Somehow it helps me to unwind. Watching  them gradually develop habits (pruning, perching, scratching about) is really quite amazing when you think about the fact that its all programed inside of them…there is no mamma around to teach them what to do.

Hangin' out at the waterin' hole

I’ve been a planting fool these last four weeks. I’m pretty proud to say I’ve pretty much finished planting the cold crops which account for more than 50% of the field. All the crops that took a beating from the first freeze after the hot streak have grown back healthfully. Its been long enough since my first wave of plantings that I will need to start weeding tomorrow…otherwise it will become a hot mess that we cannot maintain with our tools.

Field of lettuce

Last fall we planted narsissus bulbs as an experiment in expanding our cut flower production. It was a swimming success! I only wish we had planted more….as well as tulips….and maybe a few other bulbs. We’ve got ranunculus and lillys coming in a few weeks as well as a greenhouse full of lovely flower transplants waiting to go in!

Organizing blooms for market

This week will be pretty challenging…more planting, weeding, trellising, building chicken tractor, finishing raspberry high tunnel, prepping the loft for our new Assistant Farm Manager–Evan–who arrives next week. Its more work that one person can ever do, but I just keep on movin. Also, it helps to have great volunteers and friends like Dylan and Peter that come out to help once a week!


3 thoughts on “Spring’s little treasures

  1. Good work, farmer! It all looks/sounds wonderful. Glad you’ve got the chicks. BTW your post last week on the bed preps was a great educational tool that I urged the Greening folk to check out. Keep up the good work, sister!

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