Fastforward to June

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I found myself doing everything I would usually do early summer (including irrigating newly sown seeds) but not having enough help. Dylan (a volunteer from Chelsea) has come out a few times to help out (thank you sooo much Dylan), but Evan, our new Assistant Farm Manager, wasn’t supposed to be out here till May 1st. My ‘to do’ list is far surpassing what is possible in reality. My body is sore from going from winter mode to high summer mode with no in-between. Evan is working on being able to get out here earlier thankfully.

We just got funding for an additional hoop house from the Natural Resources Conservation Service (part of the USDA) of $8,900! What a wonderful program it is! We are able to put up a stationary 30’x96′ hoop house to increase the amount of winter crops we’ll have this winter. We’ll be planting tomatoes in it this summer. This is supposed to be up before the end of May. Oh, I am so optimistic…


One thought on “Fastforward to June

  1. You can do it!:) I can speak for my family: we really, really appreciate your hard work and tremendous effort to responsibly and locally grow healthy food that nourishes us in the most delicious ways possible. I am counting the days until the Plymouth market opens! Congratulations (and good luck!) with your new hoop house!!

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