Last glimpse of summer

Kat and Geoff chopping tomatoes for salsa

One of the last tomatoes of the season!

Its hard to believe that just last week we had 7 days of rain in the 40’s. Luckily we have a reprieve this week to squeeze in the last salsa making.

The warmer days  have allowed us to get the last bit of weeding/seeding completed and quick hoops set up and secured before the wind picks up again.

Quick hoops over head lettuce

The soil has dried out in the newly plowed field, so we’ll be able to till this week and begin prepping beds for fall. Tilling only happens initially for new plots to open up space and then new beds will be created and remain essentially permanent (I will say more on our farming philosophy in the next post).

I’ve also been doing work to set up our first ever CSA program for Spring 2012! We will have information available by the end of the month in addition to commitment forms! Its an exciting new venture and I think we will glean a lot from the process. Its been inspiring to see how excited folks are about CSA!




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