Summer Time Warp!

Oh boy, its already mid-September. I have failed to post one photo or comment for nearly 3 months! I guess I was busy doing other things:) The good news is that we’ve had a very successful summer!

We’ve planted and pulled and planted again…picked off ‘pests’ and treasured other useful insects (praying mantis! lady beetles! parasitic wasps!)…harvested, washed and packed…trucked our goods to markets and restaurants…and met some wonderful people who have supported us all season by purchasing our veggies and sharing their encouragements! All-in-all–I couldn’t have imagined a better first season. Here is a summer re-cap in photos:

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The summer ends with a journal full of notes on weather, seeding dates, markets, pests, etc. We are still planting and harvesting and marketing hopefully until end of December (more on winter growing in a later post–I promise!) Currently, harvesting and markets eat up 50% of my time on the farm. Actual farm work is about 40% of my time with 10% being other paperwork and planning stuff (this should actually be higher).

We also end the summer with the beginnings of plans for next season! With the help of our neighbor and his tractor and guidance–we tilled an acre this week in addition to the 1/2 acre we’ve been using all of this season. Thats a 150% growth!! I know its quite a leap–but with two employees next year, 4 markets, 2-3 restaurants and a 30 memeber CSA–I think we can use the extra room. The next two months will be about hand digging these new beds in the new space and mulching heavily for the winter. That way, come Spring–we will have beds ready to be planted as soon as soil thaws!

Its hard to think about next spring when we are still doing most of the same daily tasks and markets. I’m a strong believer in getting as much prepared in the fall for next season to make for an earlier start. After all, it worked for us this year!


One thought on “Summer Time Warp!

  1. Megan and Andy.. We are so proud of you both for a very good first year CONGRATULATIONS! Hope you both can get in a little down time. I hear you have a new kitten on the farm. is it a house cat or barn cat? Need to post some pictures of all your “babies”. MISS YOU GUYS!! LOVE YOU!! Judi and Rick

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