Rolling along

This week we decided to buy some additional tomato plants to replace the field tomatoes we lost in the greenhouse. I had never been over to Frog Holler Farm before–it was stunning. They have a very mature and vibrant business that has been running for–I think–over 20 years? It made me feel like we are in a pretty good place for bring in our first season. Often times I feel hurried to expand production and bring on new projects. I hope to be in a place that Frog Holler is now in 20 years.

The fields are looking green with all of the lettuces, spinach that are growing! We’ve been weeding once a week with a stirrup hoe in order to keep weeds from really establishing. I’ve had to hand weed the beds that I broadcasted seed into. A lot of the buckwheat that we seeded last season came back this season and has acted almost like a living mulch under plants. Not sure if this is offered any benefit or not?

I’ve estimated that we get about 50% of what we’ve planned to finish every week. I think I either need to change my planning or get help. Kari, Stephanie and Emily came out to help this last Friday–answering my plea for volunteers! They helped prep the tomato plot so its almost ready for the plants. Sunday, my dad and brother invested some sweat equity into helping move the hoop house on its track!  It was really rewarding to see it in its new spot and know it took only 4 of us to move it! What a great investment! Tonight I am planning to get those tomatoes in…

This last week was our second time at Plymouth Market. I wasn’t sure at first how it would work out, since there is a lot less foot traffic. Its been so wonderful though! I’ve met some really lovely people and had some great conversations. It feels really rewarding to see repeat customers that have feedback for us! I even met a man, Richard, who started a 9 acre historical farm in Canton, where I grew up. For any of you who know of Canton, its been almost entirely developed. I’m glad someone has taken on the important work of keeping the agricultural heritage alive in that sprawling suburb.

This week will be all about prepping for hot crops–our perennial herbs are arriving, tomatoes, melons, cut flowers…


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