Ode to the Barn Swallow

Continuous rain and warmer temps have helped continued growth on the farm! Everything is up and running at this point with the exception of most of the hot crops. I was thrilled to see our fava bean seedlings take hold. I’ve never grown them and can’t wait to eat them fresh off the vine!

Fava beans!

Because our soil is so sandy,all water drains through really quickly. This week I spent a good amount of time learning about drip systems and installing one. It works! It was exciting to see it in action while realizing how much time it could potentially save me. Our greens are so demanding of consistent water that its hard to keep up!

Andrew and I went to Ann Arbor Farm Market this Saturday and had a blast! Andrew discovered two new talents: designing signage and selling produce! We did a little experiment to see if it was just him or we got lucky with people coming up. Turns out as soon as I left the table people came up to it. Strange. I like to think he just has a magnetic energy and lovely smile that people can’t resist:)I had some really great discussions at the market with customers. It feels so rewarding to hear that people are genuinely interested in what we are doing and want us to succeed! It helps reinforce the importance of what we are doing.

This week–along with my most recent re-commitment to the practice of yoga–I decided to specifically take time to appreciate what is going on around me on the farm. The farm is swarming with birds,bats and bugs. Today I saw my first cabbage moth. I felt relieved knowing we had our brassicas tucked away under row cover so they couldn’t get to them to lay eggs! Although we do have healthy mice and voles munching on them…

Barn swallow pic pulled from http://www.westsidercd.org

My most beloved critter on the farm so far (wild that is…since the honeybees are so wonderful but are somewhat domestic) is the Barn Swallow. I see them all day constantly swooping around the fields. I only assume they are eating bugs, but I’m not sure. They are so beautiful, graceful and stealth really. They are shaped so aerodynamically its no wonder they can make quick erratic moves. I tried finding a nest so I could photograph, but couldn’t find them. I know they are in the barn somewhere. If only they would stop for one moment so I could appreciate them more closely. I wish there was a way to get a sense for how many insects they are eating. I feel like I may owe them for all the work they do.


One thought on “Ode to the Barn Swallow

  1. I remember growing up and sitting at the picnic table in the backyard, watching the swallows swoop and dive catching bugs. You could actually HEAR a deep swooshing buzzing sound as they dove down to get the bugs. The sound is hard to describe but listen for it and you will never forget it:) I am so anxious to see you kids at Charley and Heather’s reception. I agree with you Megan it is Andy’s brite white smile that draws people in….BUT you also have that brite white smile so don’t know what to say about you leaving and people coming up to the table. Keep up the good work. How are the cats doing?? I believe someone has a Birthday coming up in a couple of days:)

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