Delicious start to spring

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Last week we really focused on getting the greenhouse complete–and almost did!! Andrew’s building skill and intuition made it all happen! We have only the plastic yet to do and will be moving all of our transplants into the greenhouse this weekend. I’ve got trays on the floor, on top of shelves, on the clothes dryer. Everywhere. Its time to reclaim our living space!

We started some tomatoes this weekend that are bound for the hoop house in late April. They were seeded into little blocks of soil–3/4″ wide. Once they grow up, I will transfer them into a larger block and then finally a 4″ block. This soil blocking method is supposed to produce stronger, healthier plants. I can’t wait to find out!

John, the beekeeper, came by to check on his hives this weekend. It was such a treat! I had just gone over to check out the hive to see how the bees were doing. Apparently they are thriving and have a ton of honey! John was so generous as to give us a frame of honey! We pigged out on a lot of it and shared it with some co-workers. It will take us a while to get through it. What a treat to have something like this on the farm.

Also, our friends and neighbors, the McLennans, who own a nursery/landscape/market business tapped our sugar maples for us! They offered to supply us with some of the syrup in exchange for taking the bulk of it. Its really cool to see the metal buckets filling up every other day with sap. We have so much wealth around us!

We are also working on setting up our new website:! Kenny King of Frog Holler Farm has generously offered to help us get set up and make it usable. Hopefully we’ll post weekly offerings of what we’ve got on the farm so people can pre-order for the week. That way, anyone can pick up at a market we are at, or at one of our places of work.




2 thoughts on “Delicious start to spring

  1. Your dad gave us your post site, so now we can keep up with all that’s
    going on with you two. Like the pictures.
    Got you on Favoites so keep us posted.

    grandpa & grandma

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