Snow. again.

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We are excited for warmth and spring! But of course, this is Michigan and we are likely to get snow showers into April. The lessons on patience just keep coming. I don’t imagine they will ever stop.

The transplant greenhouse is still in limbo. We had an issue with the couplings for the PVC pipe/hoops. We ordered the parts and will hopefully have the thing complete next weekend. The weather is predicted to be better next weekend anyhow.

Most of the cold crops have been sown and are crammed into our mud room on light shelves with a fan going. We have to squeeze in and around the light shelves to get into the house. Its been a joy waking up to water these little guys and gals. They are beautiful and fierce and its strange to think of them in the end phase on the plate. Who will be eating all these little kohlrabi? Radicchio? Right now they look like little pieces of art. Soon they will be nourishing and hopefully delicious for someone. Next week we start our first round of tomatoes!

We started sunflower shoots a few weeks ago and hope to have some for sale in the next couple of weeks. Greens have started to germinate in the hoop house! We hope to be harvesting by the end of the month!! Its been very satisfying going into the greenhouse every morning and watering. Its been at least 40 degrees every time and up to 103 degrees when the sun is out. At some point I might sit in a chair and read a book in there.

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2 thoughts on “Snow. again.

  1. If I were there I’d sit in the hoop house and enjoy a cigar in the warm sunshine!
    Thanks for the update. It’s snowing here in MN too, but at least it’s in the high 20’s rather than the low single digits!
    Love you both.
    Hope to see you sometime soon

  2. Looks like you have been BUSY!!!! I hope you get the transplant house up and going soon, there always has to be something that does not go right with a project. I love the pics of the little plants “shooting” up out of the dirt. Keep up the good work and look forward to seeing more reports about the farm. How are the cats doing? Miss you guys and LOVE YOU TONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Aunt Judi

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