Be still my beeting (ha) heart.

I felt short of breath today when I submitted a seed and supplies order for $1,700. That’s not all of it either. I know one has to spend money to make money…but I’m getting antsy to start the second part of this. Spending all the loan funds has been very helpful to get us going but at some point we have to start being able to pay this back.

Of course being cooped up planning all day is starting to wear on me. Perhaps I should enjoy the quiet planning time while its still here…


2 thoughts on “Be still my beeting (ha) heart.

  1. Wow!
    I guess this continues to prove that the farm is for real! you’ll do fine, but yes, it should make one pause to think about the investment.
    I can’t wait to try the beets! and the heirloom tomatoes! we’ll have to arrange for delivery to Minnesota. I suppose that kind of defeats the purpose of the local food movement if you were to ship it here though, hmmm . . . maybe a motorcycle delivery service would be in order??
    Love you both!

  2. Megan…You will do fine!! I am sure it is a little nerve racking to be doing all this ordering and just thinking about what lays ahead. You have it all under control and you will do great. Just keep thinking about when you can get your hands into the dirt and start planting. Love you Miss you Judi

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