Market Success

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The weekend before Thanksgiving we participated in our first farmers market!! Since the hoop house is not yet complete, we knew the window for selling greens was getting tighter by the day! On Friday I rushed to harvest everything before dark–but it took longer than expected. I went in the house and grabbed a head lamp to finish the harvest. It was rough to say the least–with the wind and drizzling rain. I stuck it out though and harvested 14 bags of baby spinach and 3 bags of salad mix. Not much, but enough to make it worth the trip!

Since we had basically nothing to sell, I considered this trip a research venture more than a profitable venture. I wanted to know how the market actually worked so that come spring, I’ll feel more comfortable. Saturday morning came, and I got ready for market at 5:00AM and was on the road to get to market by 6:00AM. At the Ann Arbor Farmers Market, everything is done by seniority. Because we are brand new, we were one of the last on the list to pick from open spaces. Hence, we got a nice little spot way out on the sidewalk where no one shops:) I was soo close to just going home since we didn’t have much to sell anyway, but stuck it out because some friends were also there and also I had already done work to get there.

Within 2 1/2 hours we were all sold out! I learned a lot about the vibe of the market, the customers, and pricing as well. I was happy to find out I also knew a few of the growers , so I felt like part of the community.  The market cost $25 to sell at and we grossed nearly $100, so it was worth the trip to make some extra cash!


3 thoughts on “Market Success

  1. GOOD JOB!!!! You have put so much into this in such a little bit of time and thank goodness you are seeing profits. I am sure it will take time to get into the full swing of things but I know you are committed and will do it. We are looking forward to seeing you at Christmas time. love you see you in a little over 3 weeks. Aunt Judi

  2. I wish I was closer to Ann Arbor so I could shop the market too!

    Congratulations on a sell out! Many you have many more in your future!


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