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Extra wind protection for bows.

Skeleton of hoop from afar

Man, are we tired. Quick re-cap: this was our second weekend of hoop building–third day total. Last weekend wonderful volunteers came out to help and we got the bows constructed and some of the track complete. This weekend we had another group of amazing volunteers (thanks especially to Ed, Janelle, Lara, Brent, Kari, Joe, Dave and John!) come out to help complete the track and construct the frame of the hoop house!

It was chilly and windy (Andrew and I both have wind burn on our faces) but not raining at least! Next weekend we will complete the structure, put on plastic and finish the roll up sides. Andrew really has spearheaded this effort and has been reading instructions, learning how to build this thing as we go. Next hoop will be a cinch after this! We are trying to focus on the spinach and beautiful greens that will come out of the hoop this fall…rather than how exhausted we are trying to get this all done.




2 thoughts on “Hoopapolooza!

  1. Meg & Andrew!

    We had total blast helping out on Saturday! Thanks so much for having us! Glad you had another solid crew show up on Sunday, looking forward to many more visits and hoop builds 🙂

  2. Thanks for setting up a new blog. its a great way for us to be at least a little bit connected with the goings on at the farm.

    Love you guys a lot!

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