First planting

Its chilly and drizzling on the farm today. The sun is coming up around 7:20AM–which is unfortunate because its difficult to fit in any field tasks in in the morning before I head out to work. Luckily I don’t have a far commute and can get things done when I get home.

Yesterday was a very productive day! I met the owner of McLennan Landscape and Nursery in Manchester. I was looking for compost quickly, and he took the time to show me all of the compost they were making. He also offered to make a specialty mix if we were interested in something specific. This is an exciting prospect because its hard to find quality compost around here. Plus its good to support local folks!

He also mentioned they are opening a new retail center which will include space for local food artisans. It would work much like a farm market space, but they would sell the product for you and you just have to make a nice display and re-fill as things sell.  I’m excited about the possibilities of this venue and also the potential to introduce new folks to all of the delicious local food that is being produced/raised/grown in Manchester.

In the field I got 7, 100′ beds prepped. Its taking longer than I had thought, mostly due to the fact that I am running back and forth, calling folks about quotes, responding to e-mails, calling about leaves/compost/etc. I’m hoping to have the rest of one half of that field prepped and ready to add compost and mulch by the end of the week. Then next week I can focus on the second half of the field. Luckily the buckwheat re-seeded in the second half of the field and is growing quickly, thus shading out competing weeds! Fortunately, as I do more of the field work, it feels less physically draining!

AND..I managed to use the earthway seeder for the first time to get our first bed of space spinach in! Its such a simple and easy tool to use. The actual planting took probably less than 5 minutes. Each week for the next several weeks, I plan to plan 2 beds of spinach so that we will have a steady crop for fall. In the next couple of weeks I’ll start re-connecting with restaurants and individuals that have expressed interest in buying greens this fall to start lining up customers!


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