fresh start for fall

Flower beds

Welcome friends, family and all for visiting our new blog site. We like our new home at wordpress. Unfortunately, when I deleted my old gmail account–our blog account went out into the ether as well. Fortunately, we still have all of the photos on our computers, but the content is gone forever. We’ll have to take some time to reflect on what has been going on here at the farm since we arrived in March so that we don’t loose that knowledge.

Life has quieted down quite a bit on the farm in comparison to all of August. Andrew and I got married on the farm with the help and support of our family and friends. After weeks of working on the flowers, lawn maintenance, trash moving, mulching, weeding, watering and focusing on many details  of the event…here we sit, married and content and happy to be at this next stage in our lives.

The quite won’t last for much longer, however. During the midst of all the wedding planning madness, we were also applying for a beginning farmer loan through the Farm Service Agency. We closed on the loan the second week in September and have just begun to start investing in our larger projects. Just as a refresher, the following is what we are using the funds for:

  1. movable hoop house: $10,000
  2. awesome diesel truck: $4,500 (we also want to filter used vegetable oil and convert the engine to run on this–forgot to budget for that
  3. very simple transplant greenhouse: $1,000 (using recycled materials)
  4. Harvesting equipment: $300
  5. Perennial planting stock: $600 (raspberries and sunchokes)
  6. Logo : $300
  7. Season extension tools: $1,500
  8. New well for farm and house: $10,000
  9. Farm tools: $2,500
  10. Farm market supplies: $400
  11. Office equipment: $500
  12. Post harvesting/prepping area: $600
  13. Soil improvement: $2,000
  14. ’10-’11 Operating costs: $8,240 (NOT including labor…because I’m doing it for free for now!)

We’ve got quite a plan together for the fall, which includes hopefully having some greens for sale for thanksgiving time. We might try to sell it through Andrew’s work and also start bringing samples to local restaurant. For the next week or so we will be prepping beds, ordering tools and equipment, and adding a lot of organic matter to the soil.

Sything down buckwheat on new beds.

This is my favorite time of year to work in the garden. The cooler temperatures, the slower growing weeds and critters all make fore more lovely working conditions. Although, we’ve started to notice the deer which were MIA all season, starting to reappear. Guess we need to add ‘dog’ to our to-do list.


3 thoughts on “fresh start for fall

  1. I’m so excited to see where you go with all this! Congratulations on all your new beginnings, and keep keeping us ( your readers:)) posted!

  2. Hey Andrew and Megan I love the new site I think it is more user friendly! When you were talking about using “used vegetable oil” for fuel I thought I would let you know about a site The Lost Bus (just google it) a good friend of mine has a son who along with 2 other guys are going to be going around the country to teach people about the benefits of recycling and other things. They revamped an old school bus so it is pretty cool. OH YEAH GO MSU!!!! Good game today. We have had one small green tree frog, one small brown toad and one rather large brown toad living in our trees and on the deck this summer. Sorry we can not help out next week but maybe some other time. Love you and Miss You!!! Judi and Rick

  3. The site looks great. Preping for the wedding reception in a few weeks. 18cubic yards of mulch in the driveway. Looking forward to seeing you. Loveya JanRick

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